Ginge's Marlin Builder

Inspired by Daid's builder
Source for this app at GitHub
Current Marlin version from Official Marlin GitHub
Marlin date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 20:34:42 -0700
Current revision:
Compiles Marlin firmware for 3d printers

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Software Basic Configuration
Baud Rate: ?
Max Feed Rate: X: Y: Z: E: ?
Max Acceleration Rate: X: Y: Z: E: ?
Homing Feed Rate: X: Y: Z: ?
Disable axis when not in use: X: Y: Z: E: ?
Endstop only for homing: ?
Software Endstops: Enable: max X: max Y: max Z: ?
Software Advanced
Enable PID temperature control: Enable: Kp: Ki: Kd: ?
Add extrusion speed to PID: Enable: ?
Minimum extrusion temperature: ?
Maximum extrusion temperature: ?
M109 Params: Hysteresis: Wait Time: ?
AD595 Calibration: Gain: Offset: ?
Software Experimental
Enable auto temp: ?
Late Z enable: ?
Enable watchdog: ?
Extruder runout protection: ?
Enable extruder advance: ?
Board Type: ?
Extruder temperature sensor: ?
Second Extruder temperature sensor: ?
Heated bed temperature sensor: ?
Enable endstop pullup resistors: ?
Endstops are inverted: X: Y: Z: ?
Enable pins are active low: ?
Invert axis: X: Y: Z: E: ?
Steps Per Unit: X: Y: Z: E: ?
Hardware Experimental
Increase PWM frequency: ?
Enable PID debug output: ?
Hardware Addons
Enable SD Card: ?
Enable UltiPanel: Enable "Filament Change" menu ?
Enable generic 16x2 LCD: ?
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